Common small business telecom mistakes

Telecommunications can be a big cost for your business, but it's easy to fall into some bad habits. Here's how to avoid these common pitfalls.

How can I cut costs on my mobile?

Australians are a tech nation, but you might be spending more than necessary on your mobile plan. Make It Cheaper is here to help.

Saving tips for business telecommunications

International telecommunication is becoming a bigger part of doing business, but there are some ways your business can reduce these costs.

How to save mobile phone costs while on holiday

Australians love to travel, but the costs of using your mobile phone overseas can often be high. Here are some tips to help you avoid bill shock.

Are Australians satisfied with their mobile providers?

Australians were satisfied with their mobile phone providers in 2014, but there are a number of factors that can influence consumer perception.

What questions should I ask when comparing mobile plans?

Getting the right deal on your mobile phone is essential, which is why you'll need to ask yourself key questions when comparing phone plans.

How popular are video calls among smartphone users?

A growing number of people are keeping in contact with family and friends using video calling, which may be a feature to consider when comparing mobile plans.

What's being done to tackle Australia's mobile blackspots?

Some parts of the country have inadequate mobile coverage, which is why efforts are being made to establish where they are and take whatever action is necessary.

How will the iPhone 6 affect Australian telecommunications?

The iPhone 6 has been unveiled in Australia - so have you compared prices to see which network will suit you best?

Are people still buying smartphones?

Data shows that smartphone shipments have continued to rise, showing the need for people to compare phone plans and ensure they are getting the best deal.