5 things businesses need to know about 2022 Federal Budget

Tax breaks, apprenticeships and support for business digitisation are among the biggest features of the 2022 federal budget. We explain the major announcements and how they could impact your business.

How to make big business energy savings

Whether you’re a small business with a small footprint, or a larger multi-site operator, we can help you make big energy cost and time savings. The money you save can help you achieve other business goals, drive growth and ultimately thrive.

How much energy is your Wi-Fi router using?

Think about the appliances you have in your home and how they could be impacting your energy rates. There aren't many that need to be switched on all the time – but when it comes to your Wi-Fi router, it’s working (and using energy) all the time.

Office equipment could be losing you money

Companies need to take closer look at the efficiency of their office equipment, especially if they are going to minimise the threat of rising electricity prices.

How can I choose an energy efficient commercial space?

Choosing business premises involves a range of big decisions, including how much it is likely to cost to heat, cool and operate on a daily basis.

Good investments for an energy efficient business

Regardless of whether you work in an office or out in the field, electricity is almost always necessary. Here are a few ways to reduce your energy usage.

Should you go solar?

Have you ever found yourself looking at the plethora of solar panels dotted throughout rooftops in Australia, and considered doing the same?

Should you consider an electric car?

The topic of the electric vehicle in Australia has become increasingly prevalent over recent years, even as electricity prices have soared.

Competition good for Australia's electricity prices

Deregulation encourages more electricity suppliers to operate in the market, leading to a raised level of competition, productivity and efficiency.

How do you save energy through your windows?

Modern windows are now up to four times more effective at insulating from the heat and cold than their conventional counterparts.