Gas prices: energy costs could spike with proposed hike in Queensland royalty tax

A surprise 25% increase in gas production royalties in the Queensland state budget has prompted warnings of energy price rises for Australian households and businesses.

Energy Bills Set To Skyrocket Unless Wholesale Gas Prices Are Reduced

Australian households will be paying up to $430 more for electricity by the end of 2019, unless wholesale gas prices are significantly reduced.   A new report commissioned by the Australian Workers Union found that consumers are already paying between $100 and $200 more than what the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission considers fair.

Gas bills to fall in NSW

A new decision should see household and small business gas bills drop, but wholesale gas prices are leaving a question mark on the future.

Probe into gas prices has tongues wagging

The Australian government has ordered a year-long inquiry into the wholesale gas market, which could have wide-reaching consequences.

Government releases energy white paper

The federal government has released a major report about Australia's energy sector, suggesting a number of measures to help reduce energy bills.

How to save money on household gas bills

With gas prices on the rise, receiving a big charge can come as a shock. However, you can reduce your bill by keeping these savings tips in mind.

Gas suppliers to smooth out prices

With changes for wholesale gas prices on the horizon, there is some conflict about how to keep gas bills down while maintaining a reliable service.

South Australia a hub for oil and gas education

South Australia could become the premier location for onshore oil and gas training in Australia and south east Asia, the state goverment said.

Top ways to reduce your business gas prices

Businesses aren't immune to the rising cost of gas, which is why you should take these steps to make sure you're not paying over the odds for your bills.

Homeowners seek a better deal on power bills

Half of Australians are currently on the lookout for a better deal on their energy bills, the latest figures from ING Direct suggest.